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Goliath's Greatest Fear

We regard no one according to the flesh

2 Corinthians 5:16

In order to accurately hear the thunderous discipling Kingdom Leadership of Dr. Don Lynch, one must have entered the Kingdom via the New Birth. His words released through voice and pen are but spirit-substance, filled with the King’s DNA. Like droplets of rain upon a dry and thirsty land, the word-seeds of potent import pierce the flesh of flawed assessment, threshing away the husk of human reasoning; the roar of the King’s decree released through the booming sound of his voice but the wind of God, blowing chaff into the atmosphere, distancing the newly impregnated soil of spirit from the corruption of the man of the earth.

By Divine inspiration, the neshamah blast of God’s nostrils coursed through his being and found mark upon the table of heart, his words the pen of a ready writer. Releasing the onoma imprint of the King upon recipients around the world, General Don “Patton” Lynch answered to the passion of the One who formed him thusly. Transformation took place in lands, lives, and spiritual legacies.

I am one transformed.

I hold dear the prophetic utterances he issued from the Spirit-vision; the Spirit-sound that washed over my frame as I emerged fresh from the hidden caves of Engedi. Empowered and challenged, perhaps the greater gift was the intercession he employed as I journeyed deeper into his sphere, purposely to expand the scope of the influence of the King alongside. I anticipated the change. I embraced the change, as he stood firm and unflinching concerning Father’s call upon my life. A shared portion? Father would determine the relationship. Dr. Thunder would rumble and roil over the pages of my scroll, influencing my understanding with expansion, using language that created inclusion wider and wider into the vast spiritual horizon of the Kingdom. His language had become my language.

I even heard my language become his language - this, the mark of his leadership, as he understood the Kingdom dynamic of learning: iron sharpens iron. Today I’ve lived and re-lived every nuance of engagement with him and Ruthanne through the power of memory. Like Paul of old, he was bold in his letters, but meek in presence, exuding a Love that belongs not to the flesh, but of the Spirit-man. I am deeply grieved that these encounters now transition. However, the release of his influence is not finished. His influence was the influence of the King.

It may be said in our future’s history that his death was the “shot heard around the world” of the New Era.

His death, like his thunderous life, ushers in the new battlefield of the Roaring 20’s. Yet never fear: he has trained up an army. An army well equipped to Field Dress Giants.

Thank you, Dr. Don.


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