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The Beauty of Relationship

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

You may not know it. You may even reject it, but at the core of who you are relationship is required.

From the start… relationships have shaped you. They have loved you and they have sustained you. They have been your greatest joy and your deepest sorrow. Many have made a mark on you, pulling forth substance within you that you couldn't see for yourself and others have left you dry, searching for something more. Many have gone, never to return. While others, continually chose to walk with you as you walk with them.

Some would prefer few in number, while others walk well among many. I believe it’s given to each of us in measure. The measure you have been assigned will be revealed as you learn to walk well with that which you have been given.

Being a good steward of relationship requires the stewardship of your own heart. For out of the heart flows the issues of life and it will be revealed unto men. So the condition of your heart will always matter. There is nothing you can hide that will not be revealed.

Surrendering your heart in obedience to the Lord will produce good soil within you. Despite any circumstance. Choosing to forgive often, building others up always and giving of yourself intentionally are fundamental stepping stones to walking well with those the Lord has placed in your life.

Your heart can and should be a source of life to others.

The Word is clear that we are to be walking in love towards one another and yet when we are not willing to deal with our own heart we limit the growth of others, walking with an entangled soul, unable to walk in the fullness of Love. Any bit of substance I carry, you need. As any bit of your substance is necessary for my growth.

Out of the abundance of your heart, what are you producing in others? Do you have life to give or are your words lifeless, producing death.. damaging the soul of another. Look closely at those closest to you. It is here you most likely can see what you're truly producing.

The man who Stewards the keeping of his heart with all diligence will always be able to make room for another.

Your tongue has the ability to produce both life and death, in not only you but in the soul of another.

The seed of the soil of your heart is producing now. This substance is being distributed even now.

Relationship brings a cultivation of character. And this character is defining you.

You were made to commune with others, while walking in the Character of God. Carrying His name well is a declaration to His character within you!

Surrendering unto Him all that a relationship brings requires your inner man to reflect the Character you walk in.

If you stood before the Lord and His only question to you was, “Did you learn to love well?” What would your soul reveal? You are only as healthy as the condition of your soul in the natural as it is where the war wages. Gods desire is for our soul to prosper and as our souls prosper we cultivate the purest substance of Love.

Continually examine your intentions. Repent where it's needed. Pressing into producing character and the preservation of another before yourself. You have the power to preserve another!!!

Love well today, you need it. They need it.


~ Bethany


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