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Pillars of Choice

From creation, pillars have upheld, sustained, fortified, and distributed the weightiness of God's Sovereign plan.

The Spirit of Wisdom held the blueprints of the earth: as God's foundations were built - as the brilliance of her depth hewed out her seven pillars.

The Lord laid the earth's foundations with wisdom's blueprints. By his living-understanding all the universe came into being. Proverbs 3:19 TPT

She was there, before creation - creatively communing with the heart of God.

This communion has danced the dance of oneness throughout the ages: displaying a facet of His intricate beauty.

In all Wisdom's surpassing knowledge, she has been vital to His process. She has been trusted and set on high. Her integrity has sustained her, protecting her with His unshakeable understanding that grounds her; producing His will and ever expanding it within His jurisdiction.

God gave her a broad, expansive place to dwell. This gave room and permission for her influence to grow.

She not only yearned to fulfill the Fathers' purposes from within Him, but yielded - to fulfill them in and through the heart of man.

She holds tightly to Gods' passions that produce His purpose.

She continues to call out to man: "Come, dwell with me. Learn from me, adhere to my discipline! Become my companion that you may acquire revelation-knowledge and understanding: resting peaceably, being kissed with favor, and found walking intimately with your God."

Wisdom in her splendor holds the capacity to conform you; expand you; and establish you.

Abounding in character, she is a facet of God that is foundational to building within you pillars that produce a vessel of honor in the hand of your Maker. She undergirds your soul to stand amongst the fire of suffering, fortifying your pillars of destiny. Those who take hold of her will not be shaken and are built upon a firm foundation.

In God's Sovereignty, He also established wickedness.

Yes, God created the spirit of wickedness/foolishness.

From creation he has set her high above, at the crossroads, on (a) pillar. Housed within a basket, baring the weight of Gods judgment, He dictated her purpose and her boundaries in which she would occupy. (see Zechariah 5)

Naked and exposed.

Reaping havoc from within.

Boisterous and brash, seductive in nature.

Barren in character.

God knew and understood her purpose in producing vessels of dishonor.

She is the counterfeit to wisdom.

And therefore, lusting after the souls of men, she, too, criess out to man: "Come, dwell with me. Lay with me, that we may have our fill until morning!"

A lady of the night, with no regard for Whose hand created her, or the endless souls she has led astray, only to be captivated by deaths door.

Honor is not among her.

Defilement defines her.

Yet, her influence is ever producing His purpose in the sons of disobedience.

Our God has vessels of honor and vessels of dishonor.

He has created the heavens and the earth and by Him all has been established.

With Wisdom holding His blueprints, Wickedness seems to broaden her influence.

As darker days lie ahead, she is bound to the pillar doomed for failure.

As wickedness reaches her climax, she finds herself still subject to His hand and will fall to the mighty passionate pursuit of our God, El Elyon, reigning in victory!

So above all, guard the affections of your heart, for they affect all that you are.

Pay attention to the welfare of your innermost being, for from there flows the wellspring of life.

Set your gaze on the path before you with fixed purpose, looking straight ahead, ignoring life's distractions!

Watch where you are going! Stick to the path of Truth, and the road will be safe and smooth before you. Indeed, for the foundation of whom you are purposed to be is destined.

God has been merciful towards all man-kind. True to His nature, unwavering in His Character He graciously leads man-kind unto repentance by His lovingkindness & waits patiently for His chosen ones. He sends His angelic host to minister unto those destined to be His.

The pillars on which you have built your life matter.

It's never to late to adjust, align, and allow God's Wisdom to bring fortified structure back to the core of who you are.

Yes, Jesus came to save you from death - but He also came to give you life abundantly.

Learn to adhere to the sound of Wisdom whispering in your ear.

For the Kingdom of God is being laid within - with Wisdoms pillars - to all who will listen.

- Bethany

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Absolutely beautiful, true, and rich with redemption!

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