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Doors, Gates, and Thresholds

Updated: May 16, 2022

It is said that life is a journey, and we are pilgrims on it.

Discovering our strengths, weaknesses and opponents on the journey exposes the reality of the spiritual realm ~ and just how fortified it is. Over the past two years, I've taught a series named Doors, Gates, and Thresholds. As our team delved into the material, we deepened our ability to successfully navigate the unseen structural components of both the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness, leading us to victory upon victory.

I'm pleased to have been mentored on this journey by Australian author and minister, Anne Hamilton. Utilizing her source text, coupled with a deep dive into Scripture, we incorporated the truths contained therein to move forward into the incredibly long hallway of a threshold named 2020.

The 11th letter of the Hebrew alef-bet is kaf, which has a numeric value of 20. As a pictograph, it shows the palm, or hollow of a hand - a marker of an ancient Covenant practice, of capturing the blood of a sacrificed animal. The root word of 'kaf' intimates the posture of bowing down, in order to receive redemption. It also depicts completion for spiritual perfection, or a crowning achievement of a King with a Royal Dominion.

A revelation of Covenant - and the crossing over into a New Era - was depicted in the Gregorian calendar year 2020. Literally, through the use of the Hebraic understanding, 2020 was set in motion to merge Jew and Gentile into faith in Christ Jesus. Two Covenants [kaf, kaf], linked by the Word made flesh.

Interestingly, the entire world was impacted by the "corona virus" - corona a word meaning crown. We've witnessed the entire world embattled by spiritual contending as to who would wear the crown.

The battle was and is a non-event.

Jesus defeated death, hell and the grave at His choice of obedience to the will of the Father. The result was His resurrection, and placement at the right hand of His rule. The crown belongs to Jesus.

The impact of knowledge of how to yield to Father in the season of a threshold is incredibly valuable. However, choosing to yield to His Kingdom culture on that threshold requires the choice of submission.

I'm pleased to introduce the layered effect of the training I've received from Anne, incorporated into the movement and purpose of the Ekklesia, as Jesus established among His New Covenant people. I will be doing this in print, and through live (and recorded) training opportunities.

The Name Speaks is the first written installment of this series, and accompanies the course work from Semester 1, inside the Leadership Training module offered by Kingdom Leadership Institute Gulf Coast. I invite you to deepen your friendship with Father, move into the position of an overcomer, and be willing to be mentored in the threshold places.

The Kingdom of God awaits your choice and adjustment.

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