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Waiting On The Lord

If you've endured or are enduring this process you know the weightiness that rests here.

Waiting on the Lord feels like an art of beauty some days.

Others, it's a furnace.

Both working towards His purposeful end.

You see, when God looks upon us, He sees the end from the beginning. He always has your ultimate purpose at hand, while carrying your outcomes He sees his finished work upon you, in you, and through you.

Whether you are a malleable vessel of honor or a reluctant vessel of dis-honor in the hands of God, your ultimate is His jurisdiction.

He gives no room for your view of yourself in His view of you.

With this in mind, we must adhere to the view of God or risk becoming diminished by the thoughts and opinions of mere man.

Ultimately, when yielded, waiting upon the Lord produces His ultimate outcome of your circumstances, with your Faith as the driving conduit getting you there. But in the waiting God truly is working in the seen and the unseen places of your heart.

Its killing any and all self reliance.

It's killing your pride.

It's killing your rebellion.

It's killing your opinions and fractured thoughts, making room for God's thoughts and opinions.

It's killing your inability to trust.

Its cutting through any and all preconceived notion that your timeframe and or expecation matter, making room for God's perfect timing.

It's dealing with any and all unbelief buried on the inside of you.

Waiting demands humility.

Waiting demands vulnerability, and in its purest form, will grow you exponentially in His presence.

When God says, "I am doing a new thing," waiting upon the Lord places us in the firey tension of what was into what will be.

There should be a level of pain and disconbobulation as we are walking into a place of mystery. A place that only God has given you a glimpse of, anchoring your soul with His hopeful expectation of promise! Faith is necessity. Even though given in measure, it has no choice but to grow in this place - if, of course, you are surrendered to the process.

In the same instance, because God is multi-faceted, the unbelief that constantly wants to show its ugly head in the midst of you has the ability to take you out of this crucial process, if not put to the fiery flame of faith.

Yes, God has given you a measure of faith, but it must continue to grow in stature as you grow in God. This produces "Christ in you, the hope of Glory"

Yes, God cares deeply, but it's in this waiting upon the Lord, that He stretches your reliance on Him by not giving heed to your expectations. This gives room for God's hand to go beyond what you've dreamed or even imagined. Yielded to this, it produces a weighter glory that will transform you.

God is looking for a transformed you.

He is dealing with your new man.

So whether you are in days of beauty and awe, filled with patience in the waiting or days where the furnace is burning unbearably, God sovereignty is still in place, captivated by your purpose. Rest knowing He has you.

We all must endure the learning of finding our rest, waiting upon the Lord.

- Bethany

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1 Comment

Well I'm not surprised I'm the first to comment. Words of wisdom and true knowledge from a most beloved child of our God. A child who has played the waiting game and has grown in his presence, humility, purpose, and faith, waiting on his perfect work, complete, and finished lacking nothing.

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