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The Architect of Oikos & The Blueprints of Kingdom Culture

Long anticipated, redesigned, reworked, and revisited too many times to mention is the final cover installment for BOOK TWO of the Doors Gates & Thresholds Series! Celebrate with me!

The Name Speaks cover carried a double entendre' of great simplicity

and deep meaning. Both the image and the title depicted the power of elemental sound, utilized by The Name, at the origin of firsts.

The presses had hardly begun printing, as I knew exactly what I desired for The Architect: my husbands talent. Since he has a brilliant artistic eye for graphics created out of zeroes and ones, I invited him to create for me. Alas, while the imagery I requested was fully within his ability, what he lacked was the time to give to such a creative endeavor. My disappointment gave way to a "back to the drawing board" brainstorming session. I needed sound to resonate yet again across the imagery of the Architect's handiwork. It could be easy to assume typical blueprint and architectural line drawings - yet, of those before me, none satisfied. The ideas were not lacking ... they simply weren't ... right.

This led me to present my dilemma* to Father in prayer. I love His counsel! Wisdom was soon on the scene with guiding ideas.

I wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions. Proverbs 8:12 KJV

* I'm old school, and was taught to write delimma properly: delimNA. The article linked has fascinating research attached in the comments section, detailing how the [na] became the normative writ. Worth a read! :D

The above graphics are not photographs. They are computer generated images, created specifically with Raytrace, a tool he was intrigued with for a season. Most tools he creates himself. These three are mere samplings of his talent, I was unable to locate other archival samples at the time of this writing. Each image: Gil Broussard ©2006

I found myself considering how my computer scientist husband creates graphics, when I found an image of humanity made out of binary code. Immediately I was taken to the production power of the spoken Word - of elemental sound. Just as binary code has the capacity to create images, so the spoken Word of the Creator-King produced humanity. The cover graphic seemed perfect to couple created in His image with the concept of generational oikos development.

The physical copy will divulge additional elements the reader will notice. I invite my readership to explore the cover in light of the content of the book, and, as though in a gallery of art, share your considerations of the import of the cover imagery.

The Architect of Oikos & The Blueprints of Kingdom Culture: Repairing the Breach in the House of God in the Era of Reformation will soon be available to add to your library.

For avid readers who like to participate in ARC programs, I invite you to join me in the book launch. Simply follow this link to register.

Drop a comment and let me know your thoughts! Until Publication Day, I remain

In Him ~

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Get to know the Creator-King and His handiwork. Coming Soon as the second installment of the Doors, Gates & Threshold Series, The Architect of Oikos & The Blueprints of Kingdom Culture: Repairing the Breach in the House of God in the Era of Reformation


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