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The Cultural Impact of Pioneers of Faith

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Language is part of the 'currency' of cultural exchange. Oftentimes, as language expands and expresses with new terminology, seemingly detached from the hearer's original understanding, it can be unsettling. It is in the process of lingual expansion that the possibility for those who have a firm grasp on words and meanings in one context might rise up and denounce the new expression as faulty, or worse: heretical.

It is interesting to note that language is in a constant state of evolution, particularly where international trade is concerned. Languages collide, morph, and develop based on two cultures meeting in the middle, defining the object of their conversation with clarity. As a result, the global Language Tree is less defined than it has been in days afore.

One such term that heard among Kingdom people is "pioneer." Those who have been raised in a traditional American church paradigm recognize this word, and attribute it loosely to one who travels from one land to another, forging new paths for others to come behind. Because it is loosely held, the greater term held in religious circles is "pilgrim" - ah. yes. Pilgrim's Progress. A term readily understood and grasped because of a generational literary device that describes the Christian walk ... and, nicely, the King James Version of Scripture supports the use of the term 'pilgrim' openly in multiple passages.

Pilgrim ... Pioneer: similar words, one used more than the other; one preferred over the other.

Were one to ask a young adult today which term seemed more comfortable upon ear and tongue, they would readily announce 'pioneer' as the term of choice. Why? The evolution of language.

In this we see linguistic evolution is not evil or bad, per se ~ but in times of transition it is vital and necessary to bring clarity to the table, to determine that both parties are speaking the same thing.

To that end, in a recent class environment, I introduce the term pioneer from a Scriptural standpoint. Does the term belong in Scripture? Is it a viable word, worthy of describing any feature of the Kingdom? Is it a noun? or a verb? I invite you to discover alongside me, as I identify the word pioneer in the Bible, and reveal the cultural impact of pioneering in the Kingdom today.

Additional supplemental classes will be held LIVE inside the Silver Study Room on Facebook, and you are cordially invited to attend. Simply follow this link and request access. For those not on Facebook or social media, access to the various training series will be accessible as video replay by free subscription. Simply enter your email below, and the class content will be delivered to your inbox, to watch at your convenience.

Welcome to the journey!


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